Online promoting – the non-Google options

A lot of SEO means of promoting  business are available for the user, apart from Google search. These options may differ in terms of conditions and environment where your business is promoted, thus one can choose whatever fits them best, and show that focusing mainly on Google does not yield the best for you and your business. Continue reading

A few things to consider when pricing a blog

When it comes to selling or buying a blog, or just being interested by the potential price of one, the means of establishing a price are quite tricky. The factors needed to be taken into view should be analyzed accordingly, as only a thorough evaluation with offer a good idea of the value a blog has. Here are some of the most important of these, together with a few guidelines, in the hope of making the action of pricing websites easier. Continue reading

Your trips, your life, a source of content

Recently I travel all around my country in 20 days. I visit a lot of interesting locations and make a post for every locations I visit. This posts bring up my traffic with 40% in this period. So, if you do interesting things like visiting museums and another touristic places, participating in conferences or another events, always write about this on your blog. People will be interested about place you visit or events you participate. In this way you will bring some more traffic during your vacations.

Of course, this is not useful if you have a niche blog, except a travel niche where you will gain more traffic then a personal blog.

Make Money from Blogging (10 simple steps)

A lot of people get earnings from their blogs. There is no doubt about it. You can make money with your blog if you follow the next easy steps:

1 ) Make at least one article per day on your blog. Try to have every day a new article on blog. If you can write more article but no less them one per day.

2 ) Put ads on your blog. Google AdSense is o very good choice but not always the best choice. For Adsense you have few wordpress plugins who insert ads very easy.

3 ) Search for people interesting to buy advertorials, in this way you can increase your earnings with extra cash.

4 ) Focus to drive traffic on your blog. More traffic means more money. One of the best traffic si from Google Search. You must be sure your site is indexed by Google. You can do that very simple, just type in Google Search Engine field

5 ) Use Google Analytics or any other system to view data about your traffic. Try to understand this data, loot at the time spent by your visitors on your site, look at the page where they leave the site, and all indicators you cant get from a traffic analytic system.

6 ) Make a plan or a strategy about your earnings. At first pun a target of 1 euro per day and post one article every day on blog till you get that target. If you get target of 1 euro put a new target of 2 euro per day and try to reach new target. You will see is more easier to reach new target.

7 ) Put comments on another blogs but try to avoid to make spam and don’t exaggerate with this method.

8 ) Search for hot topics and think at the newest things on the market like i Phone, Laptops, different gadgets, stars, etc. You can use Google Hot Trends to get inspired too.

9 ) Also Social Media is important for you blog development. Try to know another people who have the same hobbies like you, tell about your blog to this people.

10 ) Look on another sites/blogs and learn how other have earning from online business.

Buying or selling blogs ?

This question pops up due to the rapid growth of blogging. But how to put a price?

Well i will try to answer to this question presenting the best techniques to determine how much your Blog is worth. Next question form you side is : Why not using a website pricing tool? and the answer is simple : they don`t have accuracy because this tools , in general , take in consideration the statistics ( pagerank , links to it , traffic details etc.) generating a price to high or to low .

In my opinion the income of a blog shod be the first factor to take in consideration when buying or selling.In case of selling is important to have a proof of the previous month incomes , at least , in order to consolidate your trust with a potential buyer.
Pay attention to not disclose any confidential information when showing proof of income , as example if you are using Adsense you shod erase information such as your CTR if you don`t want to lose your account.

Make sure if you have received income through several different sources to provide information for each one in order to have a large view on this subject. The next thing to do when providing your blog income is to total up per month/trimester/year and if you transfer this information to a graphic chart it will be a good approach in order to catch the eye of a potential buyer.
The total income is not the only factor to take in consideration , this is only the first step in pricing your blog.By providing additional statistic data you increase the value.

The traffic statistic correlated with the income statistic will show the tred of the blog and by providing a large amount of information about the traffic like ( region , time , peek hours, etc.) you will bust up your price and help the potential buyer to calculate more precise the rate of return of investment.

Like for the income statistics the traffic statistic shod be provided per month/trimester/year and all the data correlated in order to obtain a price per visitor that will determine the potential o of the blog.

The next think to take in consideration is the number of subscribers witch is a important statistic factor by proofing that a precise number of people read your content that you publish each day. Similar think is with the newsletter members with a plus due to the fact that you are able advertise products or services very easy to them, so another point to increase the price.
Other important factors to take in consideration are the number of articles that you have published on your blog, the site age, the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and a detailed table of the keywords you are ranked.

By using this list of factors you could make , fore sure, a realistic calculation as to how much your Blog is worth but don`t forget one think “A Blog is only worth what someone is willing to pay”