Google Books will add 250,000 more titles from the British Library

Google Books will enrich its collection through a scanning project planned to take several years: the addition 250,000 books to the Google database is what CEO Larry Page plans, in order to contribute to his vision of having every book ever written available online, free of charge. Roughly 40 million pages will be scanned, titles currently found in the British Library of London. Continue reading

More Internet domains will be added in the near future

After allowing domains written with characters outside the Latin alphabet, ICANN  has recently accepted the entry of more domains on the web, and we expect to see in the near future even domains like .coke or .cannon or whatever the client wishes it to be. These are expected to be seen starting with 2012.

However, the tax for introducing a private domain like this makes it possible only for strong companies, with rumors telling about a registration fee of about 185,000 $, and a yearly tax of about 25,000 $ added to this, making a personalized domain a commodity few can afford.

Online promoting – the non-Google options

A lot of SEO means of promoting  business are available for the user, apart from Google search. These options may differ in terms of conditions and environment where your business is promoted, thus one can choose whatever fits them best, and show that focusing mainly on Google does not yield the best for you and your business. Continue reading