Good WordPress Tutorials

If you’re looking for good sources that will answer your questions and dilemmas in the field of WordPress, and provide the know-how you’re after, then here are a few good online tutorials you can try out.

  • How to Become a WordPress Developer

iThemes came up with this thorough tutorial and toolkit, together with plug-ins they recommend, suggestions for getting clients, as well as useful tools you can download.

  • A Must Read for Theme Creating

This series of tutorials provides an A to Z coverage of the issue of theme development. Its sixteen lessons make sure that beginners are left with almost no questions unanswered.

  • A couple of more advanced tutorials

Want a different, more advanced aspect for your blog? This tutorial shows you how you can set your posts in different columns, while another one deals with formatting images used for feed readers. This one also shows how to differentiate author comments from the others.

  • Your First WordPress Plug-in

A useful screencast providing the know-how of creating a WordPress plug-in in 5 minutes. Easy and fun to watch.

  • Importing and exporting WordPress data

How WordPress posts and comments can be exported and imported from different blogging systems is shown in this neat screencast. It also shows how you can migrate tabs from various tagging plug-ins to the standard WP tag system.

  • Providing a Twitter Field

A 5-minute instructional video revealing how you can create a Twitter Field where commenters can leave their Twitter ID.

  • SEO optimization for your blog

The Definite Guide for Higher Rankings for Your Blog from discusses at length how you can make the most of out of the SEO for your WP blog. It comes also in a lengthy 1-hour video variant.