Online promoting – the non-Google options

A lot of SEO means of promoting  business are available for the user, apart from Google search. These options may differ in terms of conditions and environment where your business is promoted, thus one can choose whatever fits them best, and show that focusing mainly on Google does not yield the best for you and your business.

1 Twitter! is the best one yet. The possibility of connection with clients, associates, peers or fans offers immense opportunities.

2 Your own blog also ensures a good way to make your online business visible to everyone.

3 Youtube has almost always top Google search results – why not make use of the millions of visitors of the site?

4 LinkedIn, where most of the professionals in every field can be found online.

5 Social shopping sites and online shopping engines where prices can be compared, and products advertised, a compulsory target for you and your business.

6 – Question & Answer sites such as Yahoo Answers can help a lot if you have a lesser known brand or domain. Also, Review Sites can help your clients and visitors get acquainted with your business much faster.

7 Local sites, together with local search engines are also employed to advertise and promote in a certain region; for example or .

8 Forums and other niche environments, where you want to gain the attention of only certain types of clients.

These sum up most of the more important non-Google SEO promoting facilities. They can be also used combined, and be sure that in the near future other will make themselves noticed as well.