3 Best Tools to Embed RSS Widget on Website

Meta Description: RSS is the oldest social platform with a huge number of users. Check out this article, here we have listed some tools to embed RSS widget on website.

Getting visitors on websites is one thing, and keeping them engaged is another. Once your ideal visitors are on your website, you need to make sure they stand by and stick about. More importantly, they consider your website to be a reputable one.

On the account of the fact that good content has never gone out of fashion and one needs to visit the websites manually to get a hold of desired content is irritable. This is where an RSS widget arrives on the scene.

One of the best ways to get your visitors engaged on a website and make it a reputable source is by opting to embed RSS widget on your website.The good news here is that so many tools are available online that help you embed the RSS widget on the website. Read this blog to see what’s in store for you.

3 Powerful Tools That Allows To Embed RSS Widget On Website

We have scrutinized some of the best tools based on their performance, features and pricing. All the tools mentioned in this blog are code free, making them easily operable for non-tech-savvy website owners. Please have a look and thank us later.


Over the past few years, Tagembed has emerged as one of the best social media aggregators. Tagembed is compatible with major CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. The best part about Tagembed is that it helps you to embed RSS widget on the website in a customizable way in just a couple of clicks.

The tool provides you with many customization features, including changing the font sizes, colors of fonts and much more. You can also alter the themes and layouts to resonate with your brand image. An RSS widget helps you to make the website more visually appealing. The tool can change the card’s curve style and even tune the card’s aspect ratio.

With the help of Tagembed, you can remove the content you do not wish to showcase on the RSS widget. You can also use the profanity filter to remove the targeted keyword content.

Moreover, Tagembed allows readers to share the content on their desired platform. For example, the readers can share the blog or content on their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. The basic subscription of Tagembed, which is suitable for startups, costs you 9 dollars.


Flockler is yet another great tool that you can use to embed RSS widget on website. As a user, one can gather and view social feeds on the website using this powerful tool. It provides a wide range of features that aids in improving the aesthetics of your website and increasing web traffic. Flockler claims to have a three-step embedding process. Moreover, it also offers great features that make it useful, enabling you to take full advantage of RSS feeds.

For instance, it offers limitless layouts and styles that make the widget more aesthetically beautiful while highlighting how well-organized your website is. Flockler allows you to choose a social wall, grid carousel or slideshow layout. The best part is you can create numerous layouts and embed them on website.


Elfsight is a phenomenal social media aggregator tool that provides a simplified solution to RSS widget on website. Elfsight is an easy tool that does not require any coding. Using the tool, you can customize the post style; add the author’s name, pictures and the content source.

Apart from that, you can also display news and blogs using the grid layout. It is a great solution for website owners who’d like to create an entire gallery page on their site. It helps the content to appear more explorable.

You can also use the carousel or slider themes. The carousel or slider themes allow you to show many slides at once, helping the readers to surf the content faster. Elfsight claims to have 5 pre-made templates, different texts and author profile picture variations. Elfsight also commits to having a mobile-optimized RSS widget, so your content looks amazing to desktop and mobile users.

To Bring To A Close

We hope by now you are fully aware of the best tools that can help you embed RSS feed on website. And you will now take an informed decision for your website.

Remember that no matter what your next-door marketing guru says, RSS is still relevant in 2022. Once you choose to embed RSS widget on website, you will notice drastic changes in your website presence. The best part here is that RSS feeds helped many businesses in building a loyal community,

So what is stopping you now?

Use the above-mentioned tools and embed RSS widget on website and see the immense traffic falling on your website.