WP Random Feeds v.0.1

Sometime you need to deploy feeds of you blog to another web-application or website, and some time is very useful to have this feed in a random order. With this plugin is simple to randomize your feeds. Soon I hope to have more options about what feeds you and order by date and what feeds you want in a random order.

If you want any improvement to suggest for this plugin please send me feedback and I will add your wishes.

The plugin can be downloaded from here.

Pro Twitter v.1.2

We improve our plugin functionality and pun more attractive design intro twitter counter module. Also we change the mode of shorten url, now we use v3 api of bit.ly.

Soon we will add another modules to Pro Twitter. If you have some suggestions please write it in comments arrea.

Also feel free to contact us anytime if you don’t know how to manage or put your settings in the plugin options.


You can download the last version from wordpress page.

ProTwitter Plugin

Finally we are launching today first version of ProTwitter plugin. This version is a a beta version, and have implemented only few of the options. Fast Twetter Counter became a part of this plugin and is no longer supported. Firs feature who will be added to plugin will be tweet this option who right now is under testing.

You can download the latest version of Pro Twitter here.

WPMU Fast Verification for Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! Site Explorer [upgrade]

Finally we have a new version of WPMU Fast Verification plugin. The new features add fast verification for Bing Webmaster Center & Alexa Siteowners.

So now you have one plugin for verify meta key for Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! SiteExplorer, Bing Webmaster Center & Alexa Siteowners

You can download from here.

WPMU Fast Verification for Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! Site Explorer

This plugin will allow you to do fast verification for your WordPress MU websites with Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! SiteExplorer.

Is an easy and faster tool. Easy to install. Easy to use.

1. Download the plugin, extract in a folder
2. Upload fastverification.php to your wmpu plugins folder on your server, /wp-content/mu-plugins
3. Upload directory /fast-verification to your wmpu plugins folder on your server, /wp-content/mu-plugins
4. For settings every user can it set from Sentings -> Fast Verification
5. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! SiteExplorer to get your verification/authentication information.
6. Enter the meta value on the Fast Verification page and Update Options.
7. The plugin will generate meta tags on the homepage of your blog.

Download WPMU Fast Verification.

Also you can download Romanian version WPMU Fast Verification [Romanian].