Make Money from Blogging (10 simple steps)

A lot of people get earnings from their blogs. There is no doubt about it. You can make money with your blog if you follow the next easy steps:

1 ) Make at least one article per day on your blog. Try to have every day a new article on blog. If you can write more article but no less them one per day.

2 ) Put ads on your blog. Google AdSense is o very good choice but not always the best choice. For Adsense you have few wordpress plugins who insert ads very easy.

3 ) Search for people interesting to buy advertorials, in this way you can increase your earnings with extra cash.

4 ) Focus to drive traffic on your blog. More traffic means more money. One of the best traffic si from Google Search. You must be sure your site is indexed by Google. You can do that very simple, just type in Google Search Engine field

5 ) Use Google Analytics or any other system to view data about your traffic. Try to understand this data, loot at the time spent by your visitors on your site, look at the page where they leave the site, and all indicators you cant get from a traffic analytic system.

6 ) Make a plan or a strategy about your earnings. At first pun a target of 1 euro per day and post one article every day on blog till you get that target. If you get target of 1 euro put a new target of 2 euro per day and try to reach new target. You will see is more easier to reach new target.

7 ) Put comments on another blogs but try to avoid to make spam and don’t exaggerate with this method.

8 ) Search for hot topics and think at the newest things on the market like i Phone, Laptops, different gadgets, stars, etc. You can use Google Hot Trends to get inspired too.

9 ) Also Social Media is important for you blog development. Try to know another people who have the same hobbies like you, tell about your blog to this people.

10 ) Look on another sites/blogs and learn how other have earning from online business.