5 Immediate First SEO Settings To Be Applied To Get Quick Results

To be successful online, you need to work hard and moreover, ‘smart’ If you are not smart online, someone else would take the cup. So, basically blogging is a crowded mall with a lots of shops representing blogs and you have to attract the visitors i.e. the customers moving around in the mall. In this post, I’ll be covering very basic but very important SEO settings which you should immediately apply if you have a new blog or are going to restart your existing blog.

First SEO Settings To Be Applied To Get Quick Results

Some Points To Keep In Mind:

#1: Meta Tags

Lets begin with some things who everyone knows. Meta tags are certain tag scripts which help Search Engines to recognize many fields of your site like title, description, keywords (not considered), etc. There are some OG (Open Graph) meta tags used by facebook to crawl the content with accuracy. The very basic Meta Tags you should apply immediately to your blog are:

<!– SEO –>

<meta charset=”UTF-8″>

<meta name=”description” content=”Description”>

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Keyword”>

<!– SEO –>

The last 2 defines your description and keywords. Generally they are placed in </head> tag but you can place it anywhere you want. For UTF-8, you can read what it is here.

#2: Sitemap Creation

Obviously that you made a new site, you cannot submit a blank sitemap to Google. The first and the fast task you need to do is to create your official sitemap which you have to submit to Google later on when you have decent number of posts. On wordpress, certain plugins make it easier to create your own sitemap like Google XML Sitemap and some platforms like blogger provide your automatic sitemap generation service.

#3: Google Verified Authorship

Time to attract your visitors to your website. Make your search results stand apart from others and verify your authorship in Google+ to show up a small image of yourself besides your search results. This is a really easy task. Just you have to do is to add 2 [ <link rel=”author” href=”profile”/> and <link rel=”publisher” href=”same profile”/> ] to your header file or wherever you want. But that file should load on every post and page. Header file is recommended.

#4: Buying Adwords Credits

If you are looking for quick customers, adwords is the best place for you. Unlike adsense, adwords allows you to buy advertisement space on Google Search results and gain quick and healthy human customers fast. Adwords is cheap, effective, and really works. Some of my friends running a full time business started their business with adwords only.

#5: SEO Friendly Framework

Make sure you don’t mess up your coding stuff and internal framework in your website. Since we mainly write for readers and not for robots, we always forget how and why it can affect our SEO settings and rankings. A bad structured framework site can confuse google bots and can drop your positions in search results. Always take care of this.

From Editor’s Desk

Quick 5 startup points that are surely going to give you a boost up start for your website. If you have some more awaiting to munch, we’re here to post ‘em here too. Let ‘em coming!