Passive income from a blog in 2020

This blog still generate passive income in 2020. Not to much but enough to keep and continue to post from time to time new useful information.

Of course, the income can grow if you focus on one blog, but for me is difficult to do that because I own more then 50 blogs. I don’t know why, but I focus to develop blogs for local market and not for the bigger market so my English blogs where receive less attention, in special for updates and protected from spam bots and not for generating new content.

In a local market is more easy to grow and have local success but is harder to monetize this blogs and make a good profit. In the international market is harder to get success but once you do, the earnings are bigger and the effort is the same.

I think i keep this blog with hope will be one day when I will have more time to dedicate for him and maybe start again to grow community around blog and help other with some useful advice.