Why should you let experts deal with cabinets painting, even though you could also DIY?

Cleaning your house or apartment is something that you want to do constantly, in order to be able to enjoy life properly. Besides cleaning, renovating your home once in a while is also a very accessible way to improve how you and your family feel. Cleaning, as well as renovating are activities that you can do by yourself. At the same time, you have the opportunity of getting everything done much faster and with no effort by contracting a professional team.

If you want to refresh your home’s appearance, kitchen cabinets painting is always a good idea. Home & Business Services is a family-owned company operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area since 2013. They are a team of highly-trained experts, ready to help you with cleaning services as well as kitchen cabinets painting services. Here is why it is a good idea to ask for professional help in this domain, instead of doing everything by yourself.

Kitchen cabinets painting done right: how do the professionals do it?

It might seem easy, but it is not that easy. In order to have this kind of process done with no delays and no mistakes, experience is needed. Besides experience, you also have to use the right tools. A highly-trained professional relies a lot on his tools when it comes to painting the kitchen cabinets. The set of tools contains grit sandpaper, a two-inch tapered paintbrush, a painter’s bucket, a sanding block, a screwdriver, a primer, paint, and a vacuum.

It may not seem like much, and you might even reckon that you have all of these tools in your house. But there is a difference between regular tools and professional tools. And that difference will be noticeable when you analyze the results. Remember that renovating your kitchen cabinets is something that you do not do on a weekly basis. You probably expect the results to last for at least a few years.

As per the process itself, in order to have everything done properly, the experts follow the next steps:

1. Remove the hardware and doors;

2. Remove the drawer faces:

3. Clean the surfaces that need to be painted (use a grease cutter);

4. Sand the surfaces, in order to scuff up, and dull the surfaces, so the primer can adhere well;

5. Vacuum and wipe the surfaces properly;

6. Prime the doors and drawer fronts. Make sure that the edges are fully painted;

7. Prime the cabinets;

8. Apply a second coat of paint.

These are steps that are quite clear and easy to follow. But when it comes to kitchen cabinets painting, it is more about how it is done than what needs to be done. According to the clients who decided to use the services offered by HBSOnTime.com, what satisfied them the most was how fast was the process completed.

The professionalism of this team is fantastic. I have used their services a few times, for handyman services, power washing, and kitchen cabinets painting. They got everything done in no time and I am 100% sure that the results would not have been the same, had I done everything by myself“, says Jonas from Spotsylvania.

Based on the experience that Jonas had with HBSOnTime.com, but also considering what kitchen cabinets painting involves when it comes to the tools and steps involved in the process, it is clearly smarter to ask for professional help instead of doing it yourself.