Success in webcam modeling. Should you count on luck or hard work?

Working in the webcam modeling industry is a decision that has the power to change your life. There are a lot of benefits that you can gain, from financial independence to a flexible schedule. However, many young women ask themselves what being successful means in this domain. For starters, being able to make enough money in order not to depend on your family or a man is a great success.

But how much of that is down to hard work and how much depends on luck? This is something that a non-adult webcam model asked on a private forum dedicated to women who work in this great industry. Anna wanted to know how other models feel about the roles that luck and effort play in their day-to-day activities.

Luck or hard work: what matters most in webcam modeling?

I had a debate with my friends and their opinions were very different on this topic. Some of them feel like it is all about hard work and dedication. They say that you should always do your best to be energetic, cheerful, and down to please the members.

However, other friends consider that doing things based on instinct is the best way to be successful in webcam modeling. They say that they thrive in chaos and that the difference is made by charisma and flair. This sounds like relying too much on luck if you ask me. What do you, guys, think?“, asked Anna on the private forum.

To her surprise, Anna received a lot of answers from other models, and, as expected, the opinions were divided. Johanna thinks that it is all about balance: “I would say that it is a combination of fortune and work. I, for one, am not that lucky and I need to put in a lot of effort in order to be successful. It is way easier if you have luck on your side, but you just cannot rely on it, you need to work in order to compensate in case you do not get lucky“.

Clara had another interesting point of view, saying that attitude is what makes the difference: “It is all about how you present yourself in front of the camera. Be positive, energetic, and open to discussion. Do that and luck will follow shortly“.

A very interesting opinion was the one exposed by Monica. She mentioned that she has been working in webcam modeling for more than two years and she discovered that everything is 100% about hard work. She says that the effort and time put in pay off at a certain point, and you cannot get unlucky if you do and say all the right things.

I do not believe in luck. Luck is something that you build for yourself by working hard and being dedicated. No one can be as successful as they want if they only wait for it to happen. You need to work hard and to find ways in which you can improve everything that you do“, was her conclusion.

As it always happens on forums, opinions were split. However, it seems that most of the young women working in webcam modeling with Studio 20 –, the biggest non-adult cam studio in the world, choose to rely on hard work and only hope for luck.