Does Your Web Site Need A Dedicated Web Hosting?

An Internet connection is all that is needed to access millions of websites around the web. This is possible because these sites are hosted on computers that constantly run so they remain online 24 hours a day and 7 days of week. Of course, the average computer cannot do that unless it is running an extremely fast connection and remains turned on. Therefore, anyone that wants to set up their own website needs a web hosting provider.

Web hosting providers offer paid plans that keep your website up and running far better than the free ones provided. If you notice, most sites love to offer the cheapest plan because those plans are great for starters. But if you decide and check out the other packages available, you might see some dedicated web hosting plans. Continue reading

IS Page Rank Important?

A lot of people say about the page rank of a website is no longer important. And yes doesn’t affect SERP positions. But if the pagerank measure the importance of your blog, is not important to have a “important” website.

The page rank is not important for guys who make money only from adsense. But if you want to sell advertorials and make money selling banners directly is more easier to go to possible clients and show your page rank and traffic data.

You don’t need to be a maniac and try to have the biggest PR in the word, but have an eye to this, too.