Sleep Texting is a Modern Day Malady

Texting, sure, has many benefits. One, of course, is its ability to keep you in touch with your friends and lovers. Imagine how many times it has helped you kill boredom when you were stuck in a boring bus station or at a hospital. It has even helped so much, while you were traveling alone.

Now think back. There have been instances when you have dozed off while in the process of texting! And as you wake up, you would realize that you had sent some incredible spy languages! But these were situations when you needed company. But what if you even do this when it is your bed time? Yes, many of us take conversation till the time till we doze off. Again, the result is the same. You wake up in the morning to see some strange languages in your send items folder.

You are not alone. There are many of the same ilk, and now doctors claim this is because of too much stress during the day. Dr. Cunnington, who asks you not to use phones in your bed, explains the phenomenon:

“People are doing so much during a normal day that it can mean they feel like they’re on call even at night. Because it’s so easy to communicate with smartphones, it becomes more difficult to separate waking and sleeping lives.”

Sleep texting, however, is less than sending mails in your sleep. He points out that people are so used to texting and sending emails all through the day that they unknowingly take it to their bedrooms too. All said, do let us know if you have faced any similar situations. Yes some might be very embarrassing; however, to the world around us, everything is funny as long as it is happening to some one else. So share with us your experiences.