49 Tips to Become a Better Blogger

As you go along, you pick up tips and learn new techniques which can’t be bought for money. Unless of course you go for “classes” but there is a lot of things that just can’t be taught through a 1 hour lecture. The only way you can expose yourself to these learning curves is by getting your hands dirty – in a metaphorical sense, of course.

When I first started, I knew absolutely NOTHING about writing for a blog. My inexperience mixed in with my curiosity saw many failures, but that beacon of hope stayed alive with every small success. This inevitably shaped my blogging style to such a degree that despite failure upon failure I kept true to myself till the day I saw a sense of accomplishment grow inside of me.

The point I am trying to make is that – Blogging isn’t a ‘get rich overnight’ method that many people see it as. It’s a world where only the hard-working and committed people survive. No one is going to spoon-feed you information. Well, no-one except me. I want to share with you 49 tips that helped me become a better blogger and hopefully will help you too.

49 Tips to Become a Better Blogger

  1. Blog about what you are passionate about, not for the niches that promise a lot.
  2. Research, Research & Research more.
  3. There’s always something more to learn.
  4. Be confident in what you write.
  5. Know your niche.
  6. Out-smart your competitors.
  7. No matter how big your competition is, just remember they are human too.
  8. Know that humans make mistakes; exploit your competitors to get the upper hand.
  9. Be creative, don’t copy others.
  10. Set yourself goals, reasonable goals.
  11. Stay Committed.
  12. Be Polite.
  13. Motivation is the key to success.
  14. Don’t procrastinate – be productive in your work.
  15. Understand that everyone is different.
  16. Be open-minded – there will be people that disagree with you.
  17. Don’t take criticism personally; use it as a force to push your forwards.
  18. Discrimination is ultimately sourced from some type of jealousy.
  19. The internet isn’t always nice.
  20. People that are jealous might not like what you are doing, ignore them.
  21. Understand that envy and jealousy are two different things.
  22. You are bound to fail, so learn to accept it.
  23. Welcome mistakes with a open mind and a heavy heart.
  24. If you don’t make mistakes – you will never improve.
  25. Don’t stress when things aren’t working out.
  26. If you are stuck with something, 99% of your issues can be fixed using Google.
  27. Everything takes time, so does blogging.
  28. Don’t take anything for granted; appreciate everything you get from your work.
  29. Don’t give up, no matter how useless your efforts seem.
  30. Seek and you shall find.
  31. Stay focused, stay targeted.
  32. Try to write daily, write more on good days to make up for the bad.
  33. Read other peoples’ opinion.
  34. After you read it, respect it – even if you disagree with it.
  35. Comment them, they will comment you.
  36. Treat others, the way you want them to treat you.
  37. Draw on the facts, stay away from the myths.
  38. Appreciate what others have to say.
  39. Do something extraordinary for people to notice you.
  40. Know your audience.
  41. Use social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to really get to know your audience.
  42. Make Friends.
  43. Reward your readers.
  44. Don’t be afraid to try new things, or else how would we know which is better?
  45. Help others, yeah for free.
  46. Karma is a strong force to be taken seriously.
  47. Run for charity.
  48. You got to spend money, to make money – don’t get stuck with Blogger for too long.
  49. Lastly, money isn’t everything – except the root of all evil.

Final Say

  • No matter how long you have been blogging for, whether it is a few days or a few years – you will always continue to learn.
  • Anyone can be successful in blogging – by it comes down to the wire where you need to ask yourself “Am I committed?”
  • If you can keep at it, through the ups and downs you will ultimately prevail.
  • So, best of luck and hopefully you can take these 49 simple tips and use it for good 😉