3 SEO ways to boost traffic for your blog

If your efforts go towards obtaining the most traffic for your blog, when it comes to attracting search engine traffic,  it is important to spend some time tweaking and working on this specific aspect. Here are a few tips you can work on:

  • Keyword choice: There isn’t a correlation between high traffic and high sales, this is a fact. Hence it pays to choose your keywords in such a manner that you get a moderate amount of traffic, but reach out to a more specific area of interest, leading to more subscribers and sales. This is why you keywords must be as specific and relevant as possible, and not broad in meaning, to assure that your blog gets the best SEO optimization. It’s best to repeat the keywords as much as possible in your articles, so that you can establish a theme of the blog.


  • Inserting links: If you take the keywords you chose as most relevant and lucrative for the article, turn on your site feeds and thus promote your blog, and include the keywords in the title and description of your articles,  the link backs will contain the keywords, and the spiders will notice you more quickly, as they follow link through your blogs, towards a more profitable traffic.


  • Update frequently: The more you post, the more frequent the spider visits your blog, and your pages get indexed more often. By scheduling your posts to appear at different times, even though you blog once a month, you can get the best out of this strategy. If done properly, these strategies can draw more search engine traffic than ever, offering visitors more than they expected when searching.