Get free stock with this awesome company

You think to start investing in stock market and you don’t know what can be the first steps to starting your journey in the investment words and passive money? Now, is simple then ever to make an account in less then 15 minutes, and after that, if you use the affiliate link below, you will receive one free stock on an international company. The value of this stock car differ font one to another and is up tu 1050 USD in value.

For starters, I would like to emphasize how excited I am with this particular platform.
● It has one of the most user-friendly websites I’ve ever seen in my life!
● It has extremely low charges


Let’s analyze how this platform operates.But before we move on, we should begin with something important for all of us, the charges involved.

In general, FREEDOM24 has extremely low fees but as I mentioned earlier, as soon as we open a new account, we have completely FREE transactions with the Zero-Commission Trading in EUR!

An important feature is that, as a platform, it covers almost every type of investment (day trading, swing trading, και long term investing). This happens because ALL accounts offer a custody level of security (which fits with long term investing)!

Furthermore, the platform offers different types of charges, which we can change at any given time depending on our needs. In other words, we can go from the free account to the highest flat fee but also, we can go from the highest flat fee to the free account. We have the absolute freedom to do so!


After registration you will have in menus a button with claim your free stock. Sometime it take 10-20 minutes until the botton apear, and of course after verification process.


Back to the platform to see how we can withdraw our money when we wish to. FREEDOM24 makes our life easier once again. We click ‘’Withdraw funds’’, select withdraw and the amount that we want to withdraw. In 3-4 working days the amount will be shown in our bank account.

Now that we’ve seen the very basic functions of the platforms, it’s really valuable to tell you that Freedom 24 can offer a million more things but I would need 1 hour to present them SO I WILL PREPARE MORE VIDEOS – regarding the IPOs, the successful past IPOs, the D- Account or the bonds Freedom 24 offers!What is more, FREEDOM24 offers investing suggestions through its certified consultants. Typically, it’s a very expensive service, but Freedom24 offers it even in the FREE plan!


Ok, the number one thing that concerns us is how safe our money is, so let’s see what kind of security does FREEDOM24 offer.

For starters, FREEDOM24 is also an Investment Bank. For real.

What’s more, she’s listed on Nasdaq (FHRC, US) with a market cap of around $3B SEC is surveilling FREEDOM24, and that alone is an important safety net for us. Also, many regulators have approved it. For its activity as a broker, from the Exchange Commission of Cyprus (CYSEC). For its activity as a Bank from the Central Bank of Russia and the German regulators (BAFIN). Finally, as it’s active in Europe, first of all its checked from the afme, the European which checks the money markets and second, we have a guarantee of our Invested Capital up to 20.000 euros and guarantee of deposits up to 100.000 euros (just like every other European bank).