49 Tips to Become a Better Blogger

As you go along, you pick up tips and learn new techniques which can’t be bought for money. Unless of course you go for “classes” but there is a lot of things that just can’t be taught through a 1 hour lecture. The only way you can expose yourself to these learning curves is by getting your hands dirty – in a metaphorical sense, of course. Continue reading

Sleep Texting is a Modern Day Malady

Texting, sure, has many benefits. One, of course, is its ability to keep you in touch with your friends and lovers. Imagine how many times it has helped you kill boredom when you were stuck in a boring bus station or at a hospital. It has even helped so much, while you were traveling alone.

Now think back. There have been instances when you have dozed off while in the process of texting! And as you wake up, you would realize that you had sent some incredible spy languages! But these were situations when you needed company. But what if you even do this when it is your bed time? Yes, many of us take conversation till the time till we doze off. Again, the result is the same. You wake up in the morning to see some strange languages in your send items folder. Continue reading

Google Books will add 250,000 more titles from the British Library

Google Books will enrich its collection through a scanning project planned to take several years: the addition 250,000 books to the Google database is what CEO Larry Page plans, in order to contribute to his vision of having every book ever written available online, free of charge. Roughly 40 million pages will be scanned, titles currently found in the British Library of London. Continue reading