Avoid investments in this websites

I decide to make a list with few website to avoid. There is a high chance to be a scam and you lose money with them. I strongly recommend to avoid. Even there is not a scam, the risk with this “companies” are very hight.

  1. passivedigitalfinance.com
  2. digitalalphaglobal.com
  3. nexosinvholdings.com
  4. meloxfunds.com
  5. goldtedot.com
  6. falcon-trade.ltd
  7. tenderlytrade.com
  8. wealthinvestmentltd.com
  9. coincapitalinvests.com
  10. eom-eu.com
  11. trontrxapp.com

I will update with new websites daily. Because a lot of scammers contact me on web and say to trust them and invest in this. I will never put my money on a company who are not regulated by SEC or another country commissions.